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electrical equipment for highlights from the industry low

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the problem of supply and demand is the core of the problem, is the main contradiction that excess capacity. in 2012, incremental demand is expected to remain at a level of about 10%. the supply of polysilicon, wafer, cell, end component link of the excess rate maintained at over 50%, excess supply will give photovoltaic products prices pose a great pressure. at present, the price of polysilicon and wafers link will also decline. cell and component's gross margin has appeared signs of stabilising, is expected before the end of the year, all maori stabilisation. component prices will be the fastest in the bottom rebound next year, whether or not depends on the marginal productivity of the elimination speed. "twelfth five year plan" introduced, a total of about 15gw than expected, the rapid growth of domestic market in the future. polysilicon prices will continue to decline, the scale and the cold hydrogenation is the key to reducing costs. in 2012 the main aspect is the product price rebound, a battery and component companies and grasp the point selection.

wind power: long-term wind power development speed will slow down next year, gross margin bottom, pay attention to raw material change

"twelfth five year plan" period wind power growth will slow for a long time, the transmission bottleneck, power quality and the acquisition of contradiction is restricted by three factors. fan delay phenomenon is prominent, growth next year depends on the inspection schedule and credit environment improvement. at present, the tender price began to rise, enterprise gross margin is expected to next year the bottom, the three quarter growth reduction. down the key raw materials, but has little effect on the fan margins, pay attention to the stage investment opportunities. the wind power industry, the future incremental see export market, but the short-term limited contribution.

nuclear power: to focus on policy, the future three generation competition has not been clear

nuclear power is affected by the policy, the next focus on important public policy implementation. the first long-term planning adjustment, nuclear power construction slow rhythm, in order to ensure the construction unit next year enterprise income does not appear larger fluctuation. next year has been approved but not kaijian projects will quickly return to work, inland nuclear power project unit projects face off, the next two years is expected to start a new 9000000 kw. the future will be to ap1000 as the main reactor type, related competition has not been clear, focused on leading enterprises.

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