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nxj series four-cores-centralized strain clamp 

strain clamp -凯发88

product's brief introduction:

nxj4 series of four-core boundling extension wire-clamp is applied to overhead insulation lead's terminal or extension section's two ends with voltage being or below 1kv for fastening and tightening insulation lead,it adopts four-core rut-combination, groove-combination structure,the gripping four leads would be beam-shape after being gripped with four insulation leads(doesn't need to shell insulation layer)and fastening bolt.for using wedge-shape self-fastening structure,it would be fastened and fixed after fixing drawn-ring,moreover,it could possess bigger-than-normal gripping-power,the products is classified into nxj4-a type and nzxj4-b type on base of structure.

model specification and main technological data:

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